Keep On, Keep On

Work and Candor. For better or worse.

May 23

I paid a gravity bill today. Thankfully, not as bad as a few friends of mine. There has been a mean streak played upon two wheelers as of late, that has left me wondering when my number would be up. This was not the result of my own jack-assery, and I’m glad it happened before I got on the 134. 

I was riding the bike back across town, as a favor. About a mile away from the parking garage, the front brakes locked up. I went down the road. My gear did its job. If I were wearing knee pads of some sort, I would have walked away with little more than a scratch on the heal of my hand. Bravo to full faced helmets. I’d have left a few teeth in NoHo, had I worn and oh so fashionable hipster lid. A few dudes stopped to help. One retrieved a floor dolly ( for the front wheel). We were able to get it safely across the road. The owner apologized, and told me the “bike is yours”. Wow! Quite generous!

So, now I am the proud owner of a Ducati 748. Rad. Just when I was thinking “no good deed goes unpunished.”.