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Dec 30

Hello, 2014

I’m putting a lot on my plate for the coming year. Possibly biting off more than I can chew, but fortune favors the bold, right? So, upward and onward.

After 6 years in a space that has birthed the careers of a few photographers before me, I am moving into a studio of my own. I’ll still be at the Brewery… I don’t think I could ever leave this place. I’ve been planning a few other creative endeavors for the space. It is on the ground floor, so I can bring bikes in. It is high time that I match my high and mighty opinions about motorcycles, with what I’ve learned from my stint at Lambrettaworks, and the years spent keeping my own bikes on the road. That XT350 that I couldn’t give away? Time to make it a “Bug-Out Bike” and get some of that doomsday prepper money. (Should I publicly admit that?) My RD350 is also going to get a proper seeing to. Finances allowing, maybe I’ll get to run it at Corsa? (Speaking of Racing, I hope to complete a full season of sidecar racing)  Fingers crossed. Also: A line of shaving accouterments has been bandied about. This is the year to bring it to market.  I am also looking forward to entertaining guests…. dinners, bbq’s, and the like. This is going to be awesome. 

I have a really good feeling about 2014, career-wise. Dana Harris (Editor in Chief at Indiewire) gave me the chance to shine, and now people are starting to take note. We’ve got even more in the works for the coming year, and now I’ve got Corbis on my side. I’ve got a year long membership with Agency Access, and I’m gonna use it. 

Stonghold is opening in February! I’m looking forward to being able to walk across the parking lot, and get some climbing in. On Belay! 

There are a few things that I need to improve upon for the coming year:

Stay in touch: Particularly, these past few months, I’ve been lax about correspondence. It gets pretty easy to just look on facebook, rather than actually check in with someone. This is turning into a pretty bad habit, on my part. 

Time management: I waste far too much time, at Barbara’s, “planning my day”…. when I am actually just drinking coffee that I could have made myself, and gossiping with the neighbors. There is another habit to put in check. 

Make time for canyoneering. I hit a bunch of local spots, at the beginning of the year, then got perpetually “busy”. Most of the local canyons don’t even take an entire day, so skipping out is really just being lazy. 

There are a number of other “New Year’s Resolution” type things I could list here, but vanity/ego is putting on the muzzle. In a nutshell: I’m going to place high expectations on myself, because I’m feeling good enough to make all of these things happen. My life is full of awesome people, and good times are ahead.  Fuck yeah!

Nov 16

The NEW Adele: Photo by Daniel Bergeron
Meet Adèle Exarchopoulos, the Palme d’Or–winning actress behind the bravest performance of the year in Blue is the Warmest Color
[Read the story]


The NEW Adele: Photo by Daniel Bergeron

Meet Adèle Exarchopoulos, the Palme d’Or–winning actress behind the bravest performance of the year in Blue is the Warmest Color

[Read the story]

Sep 23

A second blog.

I’ve started a second blog, of sorts, specifically for my upcoming trip to Louisiana. In a matter of weeks, I will hit the road, and travel to Lacombe, Louisiana to spend time with my grandpa. He has a degenerative lung condition, and the clock it ticking. I’m running an Indiegogo campaign to help finance the trip. In the meanwhile, I will be posting pics and anecdotes to this site. I will be documenting the trip here, as well. 

You can follow here: 

If you are interested in donating to the trip, that can be done here:

Thank you all. 

Aug 19

 Jules Medina~ Director of Photography. Biker. Bon Vivant. 

Aug 15

Don’t go there.

As with most days, I’ve popped down to Barbara’s for a cup of coffee and a chat with my neighbors. Alisha asked about my grandpa’s health. I let her know that the news has not been good, and chemo has been suggested. A young woman was within earshot, and decided to chime in: “I know a Dr in Rome, who can cure him…. You see, cancer is a fungus, and he cures it with baking soda…. I’ll give you his info.” I politely decline, and point out that my grandpa does not have cancer. I’ll save you the alt-med cliches that followed, but I do have some things to say on this situation.

I have a pretty diverse group of friends and acquaintances. As such, I have a number of friends who believe in things that make me bristle inside…. but whatever… the debates can be fun. Chemtrails, homeopathy, fluoride conspiracies, orgone therapy, anti-vaxxers, reiki, fema camps, changing your body’s ph, anything from NaturalNews, stories from RT that haven’t been fact checked…. this stuff gets my hackles up, but it is not worth cutting out otherwise good people. That said: When it comes to my grandfather’s condition, I have zero tolerance for for any suggestion of quack therapy. I am dead serious. Right now, there is no faster way to bring my blood to a boil. You want to believe in this stuff… fine, everyone needs a hobby, but my loved ones are not the vehicles for these snake oil salesmen. Their only product is, at best, false hope. The people who rail against evidence based medicine as “fueled by greed”, whilst raking in book/ad revenue, disgust me to my core. This has become quite personal, so please understand that I’m not so keen on quietly rolling my eyes. 


Jun 30

Popping up for air.

The Indiewire Influencers project was definitely a success. The work was solid. The event was very well received. Meetings are in the works, and new projects will follow. That said, I am far from out of the woods. 

I’ve made no secret about making this my year to transition to full time shooting. I have some awesome irons in the fire, and while I am running full speed with them, I have gone broke. Normally, 2-3 weeks without assisting work sends me into “Oh shit” mode, with a side of depression. Thankfully, I’ve been producing work that I know WILL pay off, so that has kept me above the line, mentally. Better to be high strung, than depressed.  The stress of staying financially solvent, is compounded by the fact that my grandpa’s health is rapidly deteriorating. Turns out his original prognosis was extremely generous. I really need to get back to Louisiana, while he is still lucid. I’m really under the gun, to make money right now. Contrary to the noble ideal of bootstrapping, that is the worst state of mind, for drumming up work.

So lately, and for the near future, I am a big jumble of nerves, distraction, what-ifs, guilt, and frustration. I’ve got my work, and plenty of good people around me. That is what I’m holding on to, while I get caught up. Thanks for the patience, as I know I am being a bit I more self absorbed, than usual. To my fellow photo assistants and digital techs, I’m not out of the game yet. Referrals are appreciated. To everyone: I’ll be back to normal, soon.  

Jun 17

I’ve spent the past few months alluding to big projects, and good things to come. I’m also aware that I’ve been self absorbed, impatient, and high strung….more so than usual, at least. I’ve had a lot riding on these past couple of months, and the next ones to come. My stress levels have been on high, and I can’t say I’ve been taking the best care of myself. Taking the steps to transition into full time shooting, has taken its toll on my assisting business. Normally, when things get slow, the hustle kicks up, and I drum up assisting work. Sometimes I get by, sometimes I make marginal gains. There is no doubt that I’ve been in the “assisting trap”, for quite some time. While I do pick up the occasional fashion shoot, it is still not enough.  Well, I’ve recently been presented with some great opportunities. Opportunities not to be squandered. Instead of the usual “oh shit, I’m going broke.. must drum up work”, I took out a loan, so that I could knuckle down and PRODUCE GOOD WORK. This is exactly what I’ve done. Now I will see what I can make of it. This has been my gamble, and it is not one to be taken lightly. 

The first project, and largest in scope, rolls out today. I have been working with the Editor in Chief at, in the creation of the 2013 Indiewire Influencers. I’ve shot 48 portraits, in New York, L.A., and Austin, of people who are reshaping independent film. I’ve shot the likes of Guillermo del Toro, Robert Rodriguez, Eddy Moretti, the founders of Vimeo…. the list goes on. 11 20x30 light jet prints were made, by Contact. ( They are awesome. I highly recommend them). Two 30x40 posters were also provided by Canon. Indiewire will be hosting a panel tonight, and my work will be on display.

I have a few more irons in the fire, and I will announce as appropriate. I’m not out of the woods yet. Not by a long shot. If you’ve ever rooted for someone who is busting their ass, to enjoy a modest amount of success, now is the time. These months are about as make or break, as it gets for me. In the meanwhile, have a look at the 2013 Indiewire Influencers:

May 13

Knuckle down.

I’m not going to be very social, over the next couple of months. Not because I am in a pissy mood… quite contrary. I’ve been hinting at good things happening, work-wise. Opportunities that many of my cohorts would kill for, have been presented. Now, it is on me to knock it all out of the park. So far, so good. I’m in the thick of it all, and will be for the next couple of months. Stay tuned, as some of it I can talk about, and some, I can not. I can say to expect a big announcement during the L.A. Film Fest. 

Apr 23


First Trip to New York. First time being flown out to shoot a job. Indiewire! Tribeca Film Fest! GO GO GO. Build. Light. Shoot! Wrap. Screenings. Receptions. Bump elbows with industry moguls. Meet the Princess of Saudi Arabia, and the first female Saudi director. Coffee in the morning, sponsored gin at night. Russ and Daughters kicks the feet from under all that I thought I knew from a good bagel.  East vs west fashion sensibilities, summed up as smart vs gaudy.  Metro passes. A subway that, while wonderfully functional, fell short of my hopes for a scene out of “The Warriors”. Ground Zero, and and the densest of security guards. Old Fashioned at the Meatball Shop. Work, indulge, and GTFO by way of a direct flight to LAX. What a spectacular blur. 

Apr 16

"Wash, Rinse, Repeat"- Two images from yesterday’s shoot with Level Naturals. Check it. 

Today, I began a project for It’s off to New York on Thursday morning. Stay tuned. 

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